ClorindaSnowflakes Fall

"This is a graceful homage to the inevitable seasons of life and remembrances of loved ones and times past. Whether or not they are familiar with loss and grief, children will feel the healing power of this hopeful, uplifting book.”  
—Booklist, starred review

 “Adults can share this book to address tragic events, discuss grief and the recovery process, and remind children of the precious beauty of life.”    
—School Library Journal, starred review

“Falling snowflakes highlight the beauties and joys of winter in the celebration of the uniqueness of not only every snowflake, but every child. MacLachlan and Kellogg celebrate the small things, but the small things turn out to be the big things after all: the children, ‘No two the same— / All beautiful.”
—Kirkus Reviews

Illustrator Steven Kellogg is a former resident of Newtown, Conn., the community forever linked with the 2012 school shooting. Grownups should recognize what's behind his colorful and gentle celebration of seasonal renewal. With simple poetic text by Patricia MacLachlan, the book pictures how snowflakes, snowmen and fields of snow angels all inevitably melt in the spring, when flowers bloom. It notes: "The children remember the snowflakes. And we remember the children – No two the same – All beautiful."

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