The Pied Piper's MagicThe Pied Piper's Magic

"Steven Kellogg has woven his magic touch again to update and embellish the well-known fable of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. One envisions scores of librarians enchanting their young patrons with this truly magical story and equally enthralling illustrations. There are enough word play interactions to make this perfect for audience participation and individual vocabulary building. Not only is this tale wonderful for teachers and librarians to read to their charges, but parents also will have a special time sharing this version of the Pied Piper with their preschoolers. Motivation for spelling and reverse spellings is built right in, and will inspire language discussions long after the first telling of this story is done. One imagines youngsters grabbing this book again and again for repeat story times. The examination of the illustrations will yield many rich discussion points and many enchanted worlds to ponder. Every character and woodland creature exudes personality and warmth. The book is dedicated to the author’s wife with love, but it is the audience who receives Kellogg’s love, finely wrought on each page of this very special book. Highly Recommended.”
—Sandra Kitain, Author and Educational Reviewer, Yardley Pennsylvania

The Pied Piper